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My First Jewish Reader

My First Jewish Reader Series is a complete reading program founded on effective, researched-based pedagogy. The readers follow a phonetic approach (the decoding of words through their letter-sound relationship). Each reader introduces a few new sounds while reinforcing those that were previously learned.


Each reader includes, extension to help extend your child a bit further, a set of comprehension questions that increases in complexity and a list of words with the same letter focus to further reinforce your childs learning, these words are derived from the 300 most common words and will also aide in fluency.


Our readers are the first Jewish phonics-based reading program and we take our role in providing meaningful content and images that suit the Jewish context as seriously as we have the educational outcomes that are books will achieve.

My First Jewish Reader - Special Amazon edition

Our special Amazon edition of our books includes our innovative Coloring Activity Reader. Our Coloring Activity Reader is the first of its kind, in our search for a way to make our reader more personal, more engaging, and encourage children in a fun and meaningful way to revisit each book we have turned our reader in to a Coloring Activity book. Your child can now take ownership of their reading journey, be creative and make our book their very own masterpiece.


Through Amazon our books are also aviabile for individual purchase and not as complete sets, and we have also created a Kindle edition for those who require it in that format.