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My First Jewish Reader

My First Jewish Reader Series is founded on effective, researched-based pedagogy. The readers follow a phonetic approach (the decoding of words through their letter-sound relationship). Each reader introduces a few new sounds while reinforcing those that were previously learned.

To support your students further each book includes: A fun and engaging story that the student can relate to, extension words to challenge them further, a set of comprehension questions that increases in complexity and a list of common words with the same phonetic focus to further reinforce the students learning. These words are derived from the 300 most common words and will also improve fluency. A non-phonetic word will be introduced each reader as well that will cover the common non-phonetic words that exist. The knowledge of these words and the ability to read phonetically covers over 95% of English literature.

We have carefully crafted all our stories to make them fun, positive, and meaningful encounters that your students can read, think about, and learn from.  We take our role in providing meaningful Torah-based content and images for the Jewish context as seriously as we have the pedagogical value and educational outcomes that are books will achieve. Our readers focus on the child, their world, and their culture to provide them with the best opportunities for success.

Colouring Activity Reader

T'he perfect classroom and take-home reader.


Our Coloring Activty Reader is the first of its kind! In our search for a way to make our readers affordable for the whole class, more engaging for its students, and encourage them in a fun and meaningful way to revisit each book. We have turned our reader in to a coloring activity reader. Students can now take ownership of their reading journey, be creative and take home each book they learn how to read. It has all the features of our traditional reader so your students will be able to follow along as you guide them through their reading journey


Our innovative educational product is sure to enhance the learning experience in any classroom and is exclusively available to schools and educators. We have designed these for the classroom and group settings and made them an affordable product that can easily be added to the students' booklist, as the completed book becomes their very own. This also makes them the perfect take-home reader which stays at home. We believe these books are a must for every child and turn the series into a complete reading program!

Amazon Edition 

At My First Jewish Reader we are always thinking of how we can best serve our teachers and educators. How can you have an enlarged version of your reader for whole-class teaching?

We have made our books available on Kindle to allow you to project your My First Jewish Reader book or use them on a Smart board in your classroom. The Kindle version is available through our Amazon store, as are the Amazon edition of our books which includes the Coloring Activity Reader.